What is the Meaning of WYLL?


If you’re using a messaging app, you might come across various shortcuts that can be confusing. In this article, we’ll focus on one particular shortcut: “WYLL.” We’ll explain what it means and how to use it.

What Does WYLL Mean in Texting?

Have you ever wondered what “WYLL” means when you see it on Snapchat or TikTok? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you. “WYLL” stands for “What You Look Like.” People often use it when they want to ask for photos or videos of someone they’re talking to online.

Where Did WYLL Come From?

Social media has made acronyms like WYLL very popular. People use it in private messages to ask about someone’s appearance.

Other Meanings of WYLL

Sometimes “WYLL” can mean different things, like the name of a radio station or short for “Will” or “Whatever You Like.”

Examples of WYLL in Use

Here are some examples of how people might use “WYLL” in conversations:

Example 1:

Liam: Just got ready for the party. WYLL?

Emily: I’m wearing a black dress and heels. How about you?

Example 2:

Smith: Hey, I finally met that new coworker of yours today.

John: Oh? What did you think?

Smith: Well, WYLL, she seems friendly and approachable.

Example 3: 

Lila: Did you see Mike’s new haircut?

Jony: Yeah, I did. What do you think?

Lila: Honestly, WYLL, I think it suits him much better than his old style.

Example 4: 

Will: Guess who I saw at the café today?

Devid: Who?

Will: Mark. And WYLL, he’s lost a ton of weight since we last saw him!

Example 5: 

Emma: Have you seen Emily lately?

Jenny: Not in a while. How’s she doing?

Emma: She’s doing well, WYLL. She’s got this new confident aura about her.


You’ve learned the meaning of “WYLL” and how to use it in your chats. It’s a fun way to inquire about someone’s appearance, adding a light and enjoyable touch to your online conversations. Feel free to use it!

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