5 Simple Ideas to Inject Romance Back Into a Relationship


Loving relationships are very special. They can take months and even years to nurture, sometimes starting as a simple friendship. With so much time and effort being invested, it’s important to try and ensure that they remain as fresh and exciting as possible. This is possible even after decades together, despite partners knowing each other inside and out.

New ideas always spring up, with inspiration gleaned from friends, reading blogs such as this one, or the latest Netflix series. What suits some couples might not work for another. However, that’s not to say it’s worth becoming complacent and lazy. It’s always worth exploring some new approaches, perhaps giving these simple 5 ideas to try and inject romance back into a relationship.

  1. Surprise your other half with a surprise weekend break to another city. There are so many options available that can reignite the fire in their hearts, maybe be choosing somewhere that has featured in a favourite series or movie, or one where a long-lost friend lives. Dropping the flight tickets on the sofa a couple of days before is a sure way of showing caring and thinking outside the box.
  2. Perhaps look to spice an evening up after broaching the subject gently about fantasies and desires. Shyness can prevent so much fun in the bedroom that a couple might be missing out on and would love to try if only they had the courage to suggest it. Maybe it might even feature some adult Fleshlight toys, perhaps by sending the URL link to your other half on messenger to let them explore the toy of their choice.
  3. There are so many beautiful places to visit near to any town and city, so how about choosing to head to one fully equipped with a picnic. Maybe purchase a new blanket and wicker basket and get into the car to enjoy some stunning views while nibbling away on favourite food, with some favourite tunes that bring back memories playing in the background.
  4. There are times when finances might be low and that can put a strain on a relationship. That does not mean that romance must be forgotten about. Something as simple as a moonlit stroll on a foreshore listening to the waves or checking out some free music performances before returning home to flick through a photo album can be a reminder of happier times together.
  5. On the theme of food, perhaps a special meal cooked at home, which could include some suggestive aphrodisiacs might set the tone for an evening by candlelight, followed by a couple of glasses of Australian red to relax on the sofa and watch a movie together. Fellas can get their act together by gently massaging their bodies slowly and seductively so that they feel loved and can unwind properly. 

With a little imagination and thought, there are several ways to show love towards a partner who will appreciate the gestures and efforts which might well lead to romance being rekindled.

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