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Junmoni Rabha was an Indian police officer and currently posted in Kaliabor, Nagaon district, Assam. Who became famous for arresting her fiancé “Rana Pogag” for committing fraud. Unfortunately, she passed away in a car accident in Kaliabor, located in Assam’s Nagaon district. The accident occurred when the vehicle she was in collided with a container truck on National Highway 37, near Sarubhagia village, during the night of May 15, 2023.

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In 2016, Junmoni was recognized as a beneficiary of yarn under a special scheme initiated by the Chief Minister.

Controversy:- Junmoni became a subject of controversy when she was arrested for her involvement in a corruption case. As a consequence, she was suspended from her job. Interestingly, her fiancé was also arrested in connection with the same case just a few days before her own arrest.

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