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Our vefeed team salutes every type of talent. There is no discrimination in showing the world what you are capable of. All that matters to us is how hard you have worked for the dream you are dreaming of. We have set some points of criteria. if you have them, than you are welcome in part of our family.

1. Have gained some fame in the field who relate you.

2. There should be interview information on some newspapers and popular website about you.

3. If you are popular on social media, then You have to show the information of their social media account links and followers.

4. All information fill according to our website layout and images should be unique and without copyright.

5. We will post of your Biography or Profile as soon as possible after confirmation.

If you fulfill these conditions, you can sent your biography on our official email ID vefeed don’t charge any type of fee for post your biography.

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